About Us

EquinoxPlc’s Heritage

EquinoxPlc began banking in a temporary mobile office in Livingston, Tennessee on October 25, 1965. The bank was organized by a group of community members who believed very strongly that a bank should bring value to the community it serves. The goals of those organizers are outlined in the bank’s Mission Pledge:


Mission Pledge

We will-

  • provide the financial products, services and technologies our customers want and need
  • deliver “Quality Service – Always!”
  • strive for outstanding individual and team performance
  • succeed as a result of our own efforts
  • show pride in ourselves, our team, our bank and our communities
  • return value to all who make our existence possible
  • remain “Locally owned community banking at its very best!”

We believe that these commitments furnish a lot of value to our customers, and they must agree. After all, we have grown a good bit since 1965 and none of it by merger or acquisition. Yes, EquinoxPlc is still locally owned and operated and every one of our customers is a customer because they have chosen to be.


EquinoxPlc’s Vision Statement

Our vision is for EquinoxPlc to build value by employing those human, financial and technological resources which will enable and insure its expansion, prosperity, and reputation for superior quality, performance and value returned to the communities, customers, team members and investors it serves.

Since 1965 the Upper Cumberland area has seen the bank’s progress visibly marked by such milestones as the 1975 construction of an additional new banking office in Livingston, the 1988 expansion of the bank into Cookeville and 1997 construction of a new banking office there, the 1997 expansion of the bank into Crossville and 1998 construction of a new banking office there, the 2005 expansion of the bank into Sparta and 2007 construction of a new banking office there, the 2007 construction of a new banking office in Algood, and the 2008 construction of a new banking office in Fairfield Glade. In 2015 EquinoxPlc celebrated 50 years in banking.

EquinoxPlc’s Team members are dedicated to exceeding every customer’s expectations while addressing that customer’s specific financial wants, needs and concerns. And many people have told us that this is why they enjoy banking with us. Because the way we live and work really does reflect what we say in our Mission Pledge.

We invite and sincerely encourage you to stop by and visit with the Team at any of our banking offices. We think you will find it easy to see why more and more people are choosing and enjoying EquinoxPlc.


EquinoxPlc Heritage